Pet Essentials Dog Rolls

Dog rolls are a product which is quite unique to New Zealand.

Here at Pet essentials we manufacture our own high quality dog rolls in a variety of flavours with added vitamins to ensure that goodness is maintained while cooking & even later with possible freezing. The dog rolls are manufactured to our own strict specifications & are only available from Pet Essentials.

We have the Garlic Superior roll, Meat & Veg Superior roll & Working Dog Performance roll which is the ideal fuel for hard-working sporting or working type dogs. The Garlic & Meat & veg roll are available in 3kg rolls while the Working dog roll comes in a 4kg roll.

Dog Roll are a cheaper & more convenient food for all dogs. They are easy to manage in a fridge, they don’t smell, are easy to portion out each day, can be frozen, keep well in the fridge & are very palatable. Our Dog rolls can be feed as a sole diet, but also fit well into a “dog combo’ ration alternating with professional formulae dry foods, meat & bones on a regular basis.